Full body laser hair removal We work with all skin tones

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Full body laser hair removal We work with all skin tones

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Full body laser hair removal We work with all skin tones

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Full body laser hair removal We work with all skin tones

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Laser Hair Removal

With the appropriate laser technology all skin types can be treated safely


Thong Line
Full Back
1/2 Back
Full Arms
1/2 Arms
1/2 Legs
Full Legs
Feet & Toes
Hands & Fingers
Happy Trail
Bikini Line
Full Brazilian
Full Face (including neck)
Face Lower (without neck)
Chin Extended



And you will both get 5% OFF
Or 10% OFF (of a Package of 6 treatments)

NEW OPTION “VARIOUS Body Parts” This will allow you to customize your laser treatments with us depending on the body parts. We will do a consultation first and a price will be worked out depending on what parts we will be lasering. The wording “FULL BODY” is very misleading and we wanted to make it easier to customized your laser service.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Long effect

After the course, you can forget about unwanted hair forever.

Not hurt

Thanks to the efficient cooling system, you will feel nothing but a slight tingling sensation.


A laser beam flash acts locally on the hair follicle without affecting tissues, lymph nodes and organs.


Laser hair removal will save you 80% of the money you would have spent on other hair removal methods.

Our Laser Technology

Our Laser Technology

In today’s growing aesthetic marketplace, the key to success is to have a device that is clinically results driven, operates efficiently and provides patient comfort and safety. The HORIZONTM platform is the solution and combines high-speed Diode, IPL, Nd:Yag and Er:Yag technologies for maximum capabilities and versatility. Completely versatile Designed as a fully customizable powerhouse, the HORIZON platform combines IPL, high-speed Diode laser, Nd:YAG and Er:YAG technologies in a portable platform system. It is designed for maximum effectiveness, safety and versatility. Its customizable laser configurations and IPL handpieces mean that the HORIZON can grow as your practice grows.



All reviews

Had a series of jet peels here and I was so impressed with the results. Definitely recommend it and Cambridge studio is very attentive to your skin needs.

Adriana C.

Tatsiana is amazing!! My skin is glowing after having a jet peel. I can’t wait for my next treatment!

Lynn B.

Tatsiana is amazing! My third laser experience in the greater Boston area and I’ll never go anywhere else. The studio is beautiful and posh, Tatsiana takes amazing care of you and makes it feel like a truly consultative experience where you’re co-creating your look — I cannot recommend this place enough.

Only regret is that I bought through a livingsocial deal and I wish I had reached out to her directly bc I’ve since learned she’ll do some new client discounts outside of living social (since sites like groupon take such a big piece of the cut). I was skeptical of a new studio from a couple meh experiences before and really wish I had found her first/known how great she’d be, highly highly recommend.

Megan P.

The quality of service was fantastic. The treatment was rather pain free and I am looking forward to returning for my next treatment.


Great customer service!


Indications for the procedure


Laser hair removal is suitable for everyone who does not have contraindications to the procedure. If you are tired of enduring pain during hair removal, regularly spend money on razors, wax or sugar, fight ingrown hairs and irritation, laser hair removal is what you need. No pain and for a long time!

Not Allowed

  • Persons under 18 years old.
  • During pregnancy, lactation, hormonal contraception.
  • In the presence of burns, abrasions, keloid scars.
  • With exacerbated allergies, malignant neoplasms, with skin diseases, acute viral infections.
  • With uncompensated stage of diabetes, severe forms of hypertension, varicose veins.
What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

The diode laser hair removal that we use in Our salon is  the ability to work with different types of hair. Painlessness and safety. No irritation, burns after hair removal. Selective effect only on the hair follicle. Fast treatment of large areas of skin. Extensive lesion of the follicles in one session.

How long time hair will not grow after laser hair removal
How to prepare for laser hair removal?
At what age can laser hair be removed?
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