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Laser Hair Removal

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Long Lasting

After the treatments, you can forget about unwanted hair forever.

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Painless Approach

Thanks to the efficient cooling system, you will feel nothing but a slight tingling sensation.

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Safe Procedure

A laser beam flash acts locally on the hair follicle without affecting tissues, lymph nodes and organs.

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Laser hair removal will save you 80% of the money you would have spent on other hair removal methods.

Our Laser


Amidst a constantly growing competitive landscape in the aesthetic marketplace, here at Cambridge Laser, we believe that one of the keys to success is a reliable device that is clinically results-driven, efficient, and provides comfort and safety for patients. 

Introducing the Elite iQTM. We take hair removal solutions to a whole new level. It aims to deliver a more personalized experience with its next-level technology 755 nm Alexandrite-1064nm ND: YAG System and innovative Skintel Melanin Reader to customize settings. 

Skintel® Melanin Reader. The world’s first melanin reader.

Developed with top dermatologists and provides 0-99 melanin index reading to allow the user to precisely define skin type.

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Our Clients

Aleksandra Voitcekhovskaia
Aleksandra Voitcekhovskaia
I absolutely love this place! Very cozy laser studios, friendly and responsible staff. I saw the results right after the first treatment. Treatments made me love myself again. It is worth every penny!
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez
I was a client of Tanyas at the Cambridge Laser Studio last year. When I first started my sessions, she provided a great explanation of the process and made sure I understood what I needed to do before the session as well as for post care. During each session, she reminded me that cold water and lotion would help my skin heal from the laser much faster. Whenever I mentioned any pain I felt throughout the process, she was accommodating by allowing breaks and offering different intensity for the laser machine. As the hair regrowth cycles started getting thinner, Tanya introduced me to different machines and guided me through why they were better for thinner hair. Overall, I could tell Tanya is really passionate about her business and clients. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking out Laser Hair Treatment!
Peter Ott
Peter Ott
I’ve always had a great and professional experience here. I won’t go anywhere else.
Steven M Murphy
Steven M Murphy
My first experience at a laser studio. I now plan to return regularly, for sure. I had a really caring technician (Rose) who put me immediately at ease. I was a bit worried that the experience might be awkward but Rose's blend of caring + professionalism made me able to relax almost immediately. The results were great and I'm thrilled that I found this place.
Sharleen Pietrello
Sharleen Pietrello
I always have a great experience here. Everyone is excellent but I always book with Rose. She's meticulous with her work, always polite and professional, and her service-driven approach is sincerely appreciated. Definitely recommend if you want professional laser.
Erius Houston
Erius Houston
I am so impressed. Tanya is put together. This world needs more like her! 🥰 After having my face and neck done at “Vendor A near Fresh Pond” at higher prices and with several deficiencies in quality, I did the 15 minutes of research that I should have done in the first place. What a difference. I’ve had two appointments now and I have become an annoyance in my enthusiasm. Somehow Tatsiana managed to accommodate most of my unreasonable expectations, and I have been unable to identify anything to complain about. My only recourse has been to give her cash tips that wildly exceed my financial means. Regardless, the laser she has is so superior to the (first) one that I experienced. Almost painless for legs and Bikini. Far less traumatic for (most sensitive) upper lip (without $$ numbing cream). And her prices are more affordable! For me, the downside is that I have nothing to complain about. Into every life, a little rain must fall... Winter Update! I took 6 months off from laser hair removal, and it started to show. So I did just about everything again, in one session. This time is was Alina (?) rather than Tanya. I spent a lot of money, and I'm glad I did. I feel so clean and lean. Alina was outstanding. Very happy with the results! I will be wearing my shorts again soon, and completely hairless. And loving it!!! Thank you Alina and Tanya!!! I'll be back!
Megan Fitzgerald
Megan Fitzgerald
I have had several treatments at Cambridge Laser Studio and would highly recommend for laser hair removal. The pricing of the services is great and the service is efficient and timely,. I recently had a treatment with Rose and it was a great experience. She was very informative, welcoming, and professional. I had great results from the treatment and look forward to continuing with Cambridge Laser in the future.
Adilya Mukhamedbaeva
Adilya Mukhamedbaeva
Tanya is a true professional. The place is very cozy and I felt comfortable during all seven treatments throughout the year!!! The results are amazing. Very satisfied
Cassie Robinson
Cassie Robinson
Tanya is the best! I have done and I am still doing Lazer hair removal treatment here and totally recommend it.
Akshara Bhat
Akshara Bhat
Absolutely love their service. Easy to schedule appointments. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Indications for the Procedure

  • Laser hair removal is suitable for everyone who does not have contraindications to the procedure. If you are tired of enduring pain during hair removal, regularly spend money on razors, wax or sugar, fight ingrown hairs and irritation, laser hair removal is what you need. No pain and for a long time!
Not Allowed
  • Persons under 18 years old.
  • During pregnancy, lactation, hormonal contraception.
  • In the presence of burns, abrasions, keloid scars.
  • With exacerbated allergies, malignant neoplasms, with skin diseases, acute viral infections.
  • With uncompensated stage of diabetes, severe forms of hypertension, varicose veins.

Frequently Asked

The diode laser hair removal that we use in Our salon is  the ability to work with different types of hair. Painlessness and safety. No irritation, burns after hair removal. Selective effect only on the hair follicle. Fast treatment of large areas of skin. Extensive lesion of the follicles in one session.
How long time hair will not grow after laser hair removal depends on the characteristics of the body. According to the experience of clients in La Chance salons, we can say that if a full course of laser hair removal is performed and there are no hormonal malfunctions, then we can count on a period of more than 5 years of absence of unwanted hairs. At the same time, supportive hair removal sessions are carried out 1-2 times a year to eliminate the newly appearing single hairs in the treated areas and to ensure smooth skin.
We advise you not to remove hair with a root before the laser hair removal procedure for a month or two, i.e. do not waxing or shugaring. You can only shave them with a razor. This must be done 2-3 days before the first session of laser hair removal, by the beginning of which the hairs should be 2-3 mm, no more, otherwise hair removal can be very painful. It is advisable not to sunbathe 2 weeks before the procedures, as skin with a fresh tan can react to a diode laser by peeling, redness and itching.
A prerequisite for a positive and lasting result of laser hair removal is the stability of the hormonal background. The absolute safety of the laser is confirmed by numerous studies, but doctors do not recommend interfering with the hormonal background at the stage of its formation and formation. Therefore, we at La Chance showrooms recommend laser hair removal from the age of 18.