Frequently Asked

The laser treatment will cause the hair to vaporize, leaving a sulfur-like smell. Everyone will need to wear protective eyewear during the session.
After getting laser hair removal, it is essential to avoid touching the treatment area to prevent further irritation. You should also avoid all types of beauty and skincare products for about 24 hours.
Not really. There will be some red swelling but it should cool down afterward. You can proceed to go about your daily routine after the treatment. 
Because of the hair growth cycle that takes place, it will take more than one session before you can see the effects of laser hair removal. 
It has long-term effects, but this will depend on a person’s unique hair growth cycle as well. The more frequent your laser hair removal treatment is, the lesser hair will grow. 
There may be signs of swelling after treatment. Rest assured that it is only temporary and will subside over time.
Usually, every 4-6 weeks but your certified practitioner may also advise you when it’s safe to have your next session. This is also dependent on each person’s unique hair growth cycle.
The safety record for laser hair removal is generally a safe and effective treatment. Our certified specialists take the necessary precautions when performing laser hair removal on our patients to avoid any adverse effects.
There might be some discomfort to it, especially at the first time, but rest assured that it won’t last long and the level of discomfort drops the more frequent sessions you have.
Absolutely! We are certified laser hair removal specialists and have extensive experience in handling the procedure. We make sure to exercise the 
Because of the light emitted, laser hair removal damages hair follicles which will inhibit future growth.
Our rates start as low as $69. We offer a variety of packages for a reasonable price. You may check our rates here
You can get laser hair removal as early as 14 years old. 
The best time to start preparing is around five weeks before your scheduled appointment. Make sure to avoid any waxing, tweezing, and plucking. You will also need to shave the area for treatment, but if you are not comfortable doing this on your own, we can do it for you on the day of your treatment. Stay clear of lotion, perfumes, make-up, and creams, especially on the day of your treatment.
While laser hair removal is a safe procedure,  we do not recommend getting it for the duration of your pregnancy.
Tipping is voluntary and always appreciated but not necessarily required.
Yes, you can get laser hair removal almost on all parts of the body. The most common areas though are the legs, arms, and face.
Yes, anyone can be a candidate for laser hair removal provided that you are 14 years old and up. The only exceptions are being pregnant, taking certain medications (e.g. acne treatment), and if you have certain sensitive skin types or conditions.
It generally takes about 2-6 sessions, but this is still dependent on a person’s hair growth cycle. Take note that each one is unique where some may experience fast growth, while some may experience slow to none at all.
We only cater to laser hair removal. For the full list of our services, you can review them here.
You can reach us through various channels at your best convenience. You may also call us at (617) 388 0648 or send us an email at [email protected].  You may book with us an online appointment through our website.
If the light hair is high in dark pigment (a.k.a melanin), then it will be effective because the laser will be able to absorb it faster. Otherwise, colors like blonde, red, white, or grey, may not experience the best effects of laser hair removal due to low levels of melanin.
Patients choose laser hair removal because it is more efficient and less painful than waxing treatments and rusty razors bring. 
Laser hair removal emits a light that is absorbed by melanin – a dark pigment that is found in the hair follicle. Once the light is converted to heat, the hair follicle is then damaged. As a result, this will delay future hair growth.
Patients can expect reduced hair growth and thinner strands, making them less noticeable over time. 
Yes, it can. It’s a good long-term investment for your beauty and self-care needs. Reduced hair growth is one of the most contributing factors.
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Diode Laser, Nd: Yag,  and Er: Yag. Here at Laser Lab Cambridge, we have the HORIZON™ Diode Laser Machine that combines all these at high-speed.
Under highly experienced and trained hands, we can guarantee that our laser hair removal service is safe.
Laser hair removal is non-divergent, meaning it has a more specific area of concern to target, whereas IPL targets a broader spectrum and offers more versatility.