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Amidst a constantly growing competitive landscape in the aesthetic marketplace, here at Cambridge Laser, we believe that one of the keys to success is a reliable device that is clinically results-driven, efficient, and provides comfort and safety for patients. 

Introducing the Elite iQTM. We take hair removal solutions to a whole new level. It aims to deliver a more personalized experience with its next-level technology 755 nm Alexandrite-1064nm ND: YAG System and innovative Skintel Melanin Reader to customize settings. 

Skintel® Melanin Reader. The world’s first melanin reader.

Developed with top dermatologists and provides 0-99 melanin index reading to allow the user to precisely define skin type.

What is Elite iQ™?

Did you know that you consume more time and money with the use of traditional hair removal methods? Believe it or not, an average woman can take 72 days of her life shaving away unwanted hair growth. With the development of advanced technology, shaving, waxing, and tweezing are not as effective as they may seem before. It’s to make the switch!

With the Elite iQTM device, we can now offer you a more permanent hair reduction solution. On top of favorable long-term results, you can save on those extra 72 days to prioritize the more important things in life!

How does it work?

Quick, easy, and personalized – these are the unique attributes that laser hair treatment possesses with Elite iQTM. It is equipped with the Skintel® device, the only FDA melanin reader available on the market.

With the Skintel device’s smart technology feature that allows reading your precise skin type, Elite iQTM is safe to use for all skin types and areas of the body where unwanted hair growth occurs (e.g. underarms, bikini area, legs, and the back).

Is this treatment right for me?

Elite iQ™ is deemed safe across all skin types and areas of the body where unwanted hair growth occurs, including the face, underarms, chest, back, arms, underarms, legs, and the bikini area.

To know more about the device and to know if you are a candidate, we recommend speaking with our professional laser technician before undergoing the treatment.

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When will I see the results?

You will notice a gradual decrease in hair thickness and growth in the affected area after using the Elite iQ™. Multiple treatments are needed to experience and see visible results. It’s important to note that the laser targets hair undergoing the active phase of growth. To better understand how the laser hair removal treatment effectively works, it will also be beneficial to understand how the hair growth cycle works.

Hair Growth Cycle

Did you know that hair follicles grow in repeated cycles? Hair growth occurs in three phases every time a new hair is developed. It’s important to understand that hair growth is not uniform. For instance, one hair stand may just be in the first stage, while another hair stand may be in the last stage. This explains why one zap of laser will not instantly get rid of unwanted hair all at once.

Each cycle can be broken down into three phases:

Anagen: The active growth stage

The root of your hair is also at its largest and abundant in melanin – the dark pigment that gives color to the hair. This stage makes the best time to undergo a laser procedure because of the more effective transfer of heat energy towards the hair follicle.

Catagen: The transition stage

Catagen is a transitional period, which typically lasts for a few days, wherein the follicle is separated from the dermal papilla – a cell that aids in the regeneration of the hair follicles. After which, it falls off.

Telogen: The resting stage

Telogen is the stage where your hair becomes fully detached from the root and is practically invisible. This is where the laser hair removal procedure may not be as effective. It can take some time, lasting between a few weeks to years, before it triggers the anagen phase again.
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How lasers work on killing hair

So how exactly does laser hair removal work? Why is it the most effective way to remove hair? This is because of a process called selective photo thermolysis where the melanin found in the hair follicle absorbs heat from the laser. Melanin serves as a good heat conductor, which makes it a good attractor for the laser beam. As the energy from the beam is converted to heat, it zaps off the hair, traveling to the shaft up until the bulb itself. This is where your dermal papilla – the cell responsible for regulating hair growth - sheds off after it gets into contact with heat.

When done regularly, the laser removal procedure will reduce hair growth and make it finer over time. Ideally, it should take two sessions to see the effects.

Familiarize yourself with your skin tone

The Fitzpatrick scale of skin tone is a numerical-based classification of human skin color based on its response to ultraviolet (UV) light. It is broken down into six categories:

Type I: Always burns, never tans, palest
Type II: Usually burns, but the tan is minimum, light-colored
Type III: Occasional mild burn, tans evenly, honey or olive
Type IV: Minimal burns, tans well all the time, moderate brown
Type V: Rarely burns, tans quickly, dark brown
Type VI: Never burns, deeply pigmented, darkest brown

How many treatments will I need?

As each one’s hair growth cycle is unique and depending on the size of the area, the number of sessions needed for the treatment may vary. Rest assured though that the treatment can be finished in as quick as 30 minutes!

Why Elite iQ™ instead of other hair removal options?

A lot of benefits await you when you opt for Elite iQTM as your primary hair removal option. With its Skintel technology, you get to maximize the best of a personalized treatment that is meant to make you feel good in your skin! We recommend speaking to our professional laser technicians for a consultation to discuss your treatment plans and options.
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