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Are you fond of shaving but suffer from the consequences of folliculitis? Folliculitis is an effect of after-shaving which results in the likes of red bumps and pimples. With laser hair removal, you won’t have to deal with this again!

  • Get rid of unwanted hair without irritating your skin
  • Reduce the use of special creams and medications

Break free from the effects of folliculitis with our laser hair removal services!

Why Laser Hair Removal is Ideal for Folliculitis

Shaving unwanted hair can lead to folliculitis. It comes in the form of red bumps, blisters, and pimples, which are not only unpleasant for the eyes but also bring discomfort to your skin. This is because the root of your unwanted hair becomes infected. To prevent this from occurring, we have listed down some of the reasons why laser hair removal may be ideal for you!

  • Reduced pain treatment. Compared to traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal will prevent the occurrence of folliculitis. Within 30 minutes, you can expect to be finished with the procedure. One of the best parts is that it does not require any downtime! 
  • When antibacterial creams and soaps don’t cut it anymore. When those red bumps, boils, blisters, and pimples still won’t go away, laser hair removal may be able to help to remove the infected hair follicle.
  • Boost your confidence. You can flaunt your smooth hair-free skin with more confidence without worrying about unpleasant red bumps, boils, and pimples.