Excess vegetation on the stomach looks unaesthetic and old-fashioned, masking muscle relief. In order to look modern, it is better to emphasize the cubes on the press, take a course of laser hair removal.
Stomach hair doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose except to irritate us. Thick, persistent stomach hair can be difficult to pluck or wax, and both methods only make things worse in the long run because the unnecessarily thick hair seems to be replaced by even thicker hair. Fortunately, laser har removal offers a safe and effective stomach hair removal solution. At Cambridge Laser, we are committed delivering the best in laser hair removal in Cambridge MA and Middlesex County. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can permanently remove unwanted stomach hair through the use of a concentrated light. The light is then absorbed into the hair follicles via a pigment called melanin and where it is then converted to heat. The heat works to singe the hair follicle, which prevents future hair growth in the area that’s effected by the laser.

Although the laser works well on unwanted hair, it causes no damage to the surrounding skin cells.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

When it comes to stomach hair removal, or any other sort of laser hair removal, several treatments are required to attain the desired result. This is because hair grows in cycles, which means that not all of the hair follicles are going to be affected at once. On average, you’ll need six to twelve sessions to see a significant reduction in hair. Fortunately, Cambridge Laser offers amazing deals on multiple treatments.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

At Cambridge Laser, we proud to offer the best in laser hair removal services. Our techs are highly trained on the latest trends in laser hair removal technology, and we are happy to pass these benefits on to you.

The procedure isn’t painful, but you may feel a slight sting that’s followed by a cooling sensation.

How to Prepare

Laser hair removal is a fairly simple procedure. However, there are a few things that you’ll want to do to prepare for your stomach hair removal appointment. First, you’ll want to avoid plucking or waxing the hair for six weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. Likewise, you’ll want to avoid depilation and whitening creams.

If you happen to use antibiotics or skin care treatments like Accutane, or have done so in the past six months, please notify your staff prior to your appointment to help ensure that you receive the best possible care.


At Cambridge Laser, we offer the great pricing for laser stomach hair removal. 

Abdomen Treatment for Women: $50.00 for one session or $135.00 for three sessions

Stomach Treatment for Men: $70.00 for one session or $189.00 for three sessions

Our Other Services

At Cambridge Laser we offer a full range of laser hair removal services for women and men including legs, eyebrows, chin and bikini line.

Cambridge Laser offers easy, safe, and efficient stomach hair removal. If you are in the Middlesex County and Cambridge MA areas, you should call us and schedule your free consultation today!


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