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Laser hair removal is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art method in treating unwanted hair for longer and even sometimes indefinite periods of time.
Unwanted facial hair can be annoying regardless of whether you are a man or woman. Conventional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, or bleaching are temporary, and some might even make unwanted facial hair worse. Fortunately, there is a better solution.  Whether you’re a man dealing with a mustache that doesn’t quite line up or a woman who has unwanted chin or lip hair, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution for unwanted hair.

If you are ready to explore the possibility of laser hair removal, Cambridge Laser offer superior service in Cambridge MA and Middlesex County. Call us today if you need more information or if you are ready to schedule your free consultation.

About Laser Hair Removal

Lasers represent the newest in hair removal technology. Unlike other hair removal methods, which are temporary, laser treatment for hair removal allows for a permanent solution. The laser, which is actually a beam of light, is shot into a hair follicle. The laser is absorbed into the hair without harming surrounding skin, and becomes converted into heat which, in turn, causes irreversible damage to the hair follicle.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Laser treatment for hair removal takes several treatments to work because hair tends to grow in cycles. Thus, a single treatment only effects a limited number of hair follicles. The number of required treatments varies depending on individual hair growth but, on average, most clients see a significant reduction in six to twelve treatments.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Cambridge Laser is here to offer you the best in laser treatment hair removal services. Our highly trained staff and technicians are well versed in laser technology and are happy to answer all of your questions. The laser itself is going to feel like having a rubber band struck against your skin. For most people, the face is sensitive, so the sensation may be slightly unpleasant, though not outright painful.

How to Prepare

While laser treatment hair removal is a simple procedure, there are a few things that you can do to prepare both before and after your appointment.

While Scheduling: Please let us know if you’re taking antibiotics, or if you’ve used Accutane in the past six months.

Before Your Appointment: You’ll want to avoid plucking, waxing, depilatory creams, and skin whitening creams before your appointment. The laser treatment hair removal also requires that your face be free of makeup and cleaning products.


At Cambridge Laser, you can expect to find the best deals on lower face laser treatment for hair removal.

Lower Face Laser Hair Removal for Women: $75.00 for one session or $205.00 for three sessions

Lower Face Laser Hair Removal for Men: $85.00 for one session or $230.00 for three sessions

Our Other Services

Cambridge Laser offers a wide range of laser treatment hair removal services including full face, chin, and bikini line.

If you are looking for laser treatment hair removal in the Middlesex County and Cambridge MA areas Cambridge laser is here to help. Call us today for a free consultation!


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