Prices for laser hair removal are quite affordable, and beauty is no longer expensive. In our salons are the latest laser hair removal machines, professional specialists with extensive experience and guaranteed long-term results.


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Had a series of jet peels here and I was so impressed with the results. Definitely recommend it and Cambridge studio is very attentive to your skin needs.

Adriana C.

Tatsiana is amazing!! My skin is glowing after having a jet peel. I can’t wait for my next treatment!

Lynn B.

Tatsiana is amazing! My third laser experience in the greater Boston area and I’ll never go anywhere else. The studio is beautiful and posh, Tatsiana takes amazing care of you and makes it feel like a truly consultative experience where you’re co-creating your look — I cannot recommend this place enough.

Only regret is that I bought through a livingsocial deal and I wish I had reached out to her directly bc I’ve since learned she’ll do some new client discounts outside of living social (since sites like groupon take such a big piece of the cut). I was skeptical of a new studio from a couple meh experiences before and really wish I had found her first/known how great she’d be, highly highly recommend.

Megan P.

The quality of service was fantastic. The treatment was rather pain free and I am looking forward to returning for my next treatment.


Great customer service!

How does a laser removal work?

By emitting a light wave of the same length, the diode laser that we use for laser hair removal in Laser cambridge salons destroys the melanin pigment during a light flash. Melanin is necessarily contained in the hair shaft and its follicle. This painless flash guarantees effective removal of not only black, dark, but also blond hair with melanin pigment.

To whom laser hair removal is contraindicated
How to prepare for laser hair removal?