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Laser hair removal is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art method in treating unwanted hair for longer and even sometimes indefinite periods of time.
Laser hair removal is a type of hardware hair removal technique. The mechanism of action is associated with the destruction of the pigment melanin, which is located in the root of the hair. As a result, the hair follicle is damaged, and hair growth stops.

The advantage of laser hair removal

For laser hair removal of bones in our salons, modern diode equipment is used. Advantages of the method:

  • lasting result;
  • lack of pain;
  • profitability (there is no need to resort to other means of hair removal);
  • security;
  • does not cause ingrowth effect;
  • Suitable for all hair types;
  • It has a selective effect on the hair roots without damaging the skin;
  • damages a large number of hair follicles in one procedure;
  • quick coverage of the entire impact area.


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