Legs Full

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art method in treating unwanted hair for longer and even sometimes indefinite periods of time.
No more desire to shave your legs daily, endure ingrown hairs and prickly stubble? Get rid of vegetation with diode laser hair removal in our salons, and life will become much easier.

Benefits of Laser Leg Hair Removal

It’s painless. The effect is achieved due to 2 factors. Firstly, radiation affects only the melanin contained in the hair. Because of this, their destruction occurs along with the roots. Secondly, pain is excluded. This is achieved by contact cooling (the sapphire nozzle of the device, the temperature of which can drop to -4 ° C, reduces the sensitivity of the skin of the legs during the procedure).

Allows you to process large areas of skin in one go. After the first laser hair removal session, up to 20% of all leg hair is removed. The growth of the remaining hairs also slows significantly.


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