Upper Lip+Chin

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art method in treating unwanted hair for longer and even sometimes indefinite periods of time.

Laser hair removal is the most innovative and effective way to reduce or completely remove unwanted facial hair. This is a hardware procedure that is carried out using a laser system. Laser radiation affects melanin (dark pigment) in the hair. It heats the hair follicle, which is destroyed and ceases to reproduce hair forever.

The benefits of laser hair removal on the Upper Lip and Chin

We use modern diode lasers for laser hair removal of the face completely. Advantages of the method:

  • Permanent result after the course: unwanted hair stops growing forever.
  • The cumulative effect of hair removal: after each procedure, the hair grows less, becoming lighter and weaker.
  • Painless: modern cooling technologies make laser hair removal as comfortable as possible.
  • Profitability: the course of laser hair removal procedures is cheaper than the regular purchase of shaving products or waxing / shugaring.
  • Safety: laser radiation affects only the hair follicles, without affecting the surrounding tissue.
  • Speed: Laser hair removal from the face takes only 10 minutes.
  • Efficiency: the laser removes all types of hair, including light.


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