Can Underam Laser Hair Removal Help Prevent Me from Sweating?

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At Cambridge Laser Studio, we specialize in laser hair removal treatments to help reduce unwanted hair. Our advanced laser technology can help you achieve permanent hair reduction, with minimal discomfort and optimal results. But did you know it can also be used to reduce underarm sweating?

Laser hair removal is a great option for those looking to reduce their excessive sweating. The procedure works by targeting the sweat glands in the armpit area, which means they are no longer able to produce sweat. By using our high quality laser machine, we are able to safely and effectively target these sweat glands and permanently disable them from producing excessive sweat.

The procedure itself is relatively quick and painless. It usually only takes about 15-20 minutes per session and most patients report feeling very little pain during treatment. After the treatment, there may be some redness and swelling but this should subside within a few days. Over time you will notice a significant reduction in your sweating levels as the treated sweat glands will no longer be functioning properly.

At Cambridge Laser Studio, we understand that excessive sweating can have a negative impact on your self-confidence so we strive to provide our patients with the best possible results using our advanced laser technology. If you’re interested in learning more about how laser hair removal can help you stop excessive underarm sweating, contact us today for a consultation!


How Soon Before Summer Should I Get Brazilian Hair Removal?

It is recommended to start Brazilian hair removal treatments at least 3-4 months before summer so that you can achieve optimal results for smooth, hair-free skin. Having multiple sessions over this time will give you the best possible outcome from your laser hair removal treatment and should be done under the guidance of a professional salon or clinic. As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to ask questions regarding safety, pricing and length of time required for the treatments. Shopping around for laser packages near you can also help find cost-effective solutions as well as reliable practitioners who specialize in permanent hair removal services.